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“Montevideo, Final Conmebol Libertadores 2021”

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Our purpose

We come to create, produce, spread and laugh with all those who make lives a better world

We love being involved in amazing challenges.

We analyze them and give it all for the project... always laughing and with good vibes


Our mission

Deliver high voltage content to engage fans.

Aiming to constantly talk with our audience, we will focus on creating unique content, full of fresh, innovative and attractive concepts

Our vision

Enable millions of fans to enjoy better moments

Enjoy our content production

We realise that in some aspects sport and music have lost sight of their roots and their unique ability to bring people together. We want to bring back the fun and put a smile on peoples' faces!





Welcome to
laugh haus

A place with goodvibes, where we are much more than coworkers. Friends of life, always positive with a laugh on our faces.

team in the office

09:00—18:00 GMT-3

Buenos Aires, Argentina

San Isidro, B1909

Cuyo 2636

team watching the game

this is us!

A creative, fun and dedicated team.

Gonchi Nardo cover

Gonchi Nardo

Brand Strategist

Teo Lippo cover

Teo Lippo

Programmatic Specialist

Caspar de Wesselow cover

Caspar de Wesselow

Creative Strategist

Kundo Tabanera cover

Kundo Tabanera

Creative Strategist

Fonsi García Fernández cover

Fonsi García Fernández

Head of Sales

Cami Pincirolli cover

Cami Pincirolli

Programmatic Specialist

Nacho Bernardo cover

Nacho Bernardo

Co-founder and CRO

Yerman Toribio cover

Yerman Toribio

Co-founder and CEO

Julian Carneiro cover

Julian Carneiro

Co-founder and Head of Strategy

Agus Guemes cover

Agus Guemes

Project Leader

Mati Alvarez Ochoa cover

Mati Alvarez Ochoa

Brand Strategist

Loli Riccardo cover

Loli Riccardo

Art director

Juli Ponzano cover

Juli Ponzano

Project Manager

Juan Landau cover

Juan Landau

Sports Content Creator

Guada Castro Guitart cover

Guada Castro Guitart

Video Content Creator

Guada Leguizamon cover

Guada Leguizamon

Graphic Designer

Dimitas Gaviña cover

Dimitas Gaviña

Sport & Gaming Content Creator

Cami Grumer cover

Cami Grumer

Programmatic Specialist

Toto Colombres cover

Toto Colombres

Finance Manager

Valu Borlenghi cover

Valu Borlenghi

Programmatic Specialist

Pali Canepa cover

Pali Canepa

Programmatic Specialist

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