we have different approaches for all the things we do.

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We work side by side with lots of companies with very different objectives. But we always have something to offer.

Our four verticals cover almost every field we need. So don't worry, we got them.

Laugh 360

We power passion.


With Minute Media, a digital media company with a global and local presence, we create impressive campaigns analyzing the needs of our clients and we distribute the content Through our great communities 90min or The Players Tribune 

Laugh Studios

We produce amazing stories.


We are producers

We submerge fully in projects and through our creative ideation, we develop strategies to deliver impactful results.  

We adapt to your needs

We have filmmakers and local partners throughout latin america, which allows us to be part of any kind of challenge.

Laugh Media & Tech

We deliver the right message in the right moment to the right audience.


We are a Media Buying Company 

  • Omnichannel: ON & OFF, Desktop, mobile, TV/Connected TV, Radio/Digital Audio, OOH/DOOH.  

  • Negotiation with big Media Groups across the Latinamerican region. 

  • All Digital channels: Search, Social and Programmatic. 

  • Dashboards: we develop BI tools or Tableaus to gather info across months and years and optimize.  

  • Specialized in Branding and Performance throughout a Full Funnel strategy to build strong brands and deliver the best ROI. 

We have the best programatic trading hub

  • Bunch of bilingual whizzkids that deliver the best programmatic Campaigns and strategies across the America’s Region. 

Laugh Brand Lab

We are a digital native company that combines engineering processes, design & innovation to scale your business.


We are an integrated agency

We define a communication strategy; design and unify all visual messages; establish the graphic style; make a good choice of communication channels (ON and OFF); have an active presence in social networks; have a well-kept, attractive and easily accessible website.

Our great differential, over other agencies, is that we create a talented team that works as the external arm of the brand, and above all is very committed to the project.

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